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We’re here to provide the expert lawn care and landscaping services your Norfolk property needs.

If you love having a vibrant, thick lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood or landscaping that makes people slow down to admire it, but you don’t want to have to invest all your free time into maintaining your outdoor areas, our team at ZTV Landscaping is happy to assist you. We proudly provide regular lawn maintenance and professional landscaping services to residential and commercial customers in the Norfolk, Virginia area.

Norfolk, Virginia

We understand that your lawn and landscaping play major parts in the overall impression that people have of your property, which is why we take extra steps to ensure our workmanship and customer service are always outstanding. Our owner is present at every job, we offer as much flexibility as possible when it comes to scheduling, and we take punctuality very seriously. We’re also always ready to answer your questions or assist you with any problem areas you may have.

Whether you want someone to completely take over tasks like mowing, lawn treatments, flower bed maintenance, and seasonal cleanups, or if you have dreams of bringing your ideal landscape design to life, we’re the ones to call. Reach out today to get started with a quote!

Commercial Landscaping in Norfolk, Virginia

Let us help you keep your commercial landscaping up to par in Norfolk, VA!

Decks and Fencing in Norfolk, Virginia
We build completely custom decks and fencing
in Norfolk, VA.
Drainage in Norfolk, Virginia

We provide the best drainage options for healthy properties and landscaping in Norfolk, VA.

Reach out today to get started with a quote!

At ZTV Landscaping, we are proud to serve customers in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Deep Creek, Ghent, Great Bridge, Greenbriar, and Norfolk, Virginia.


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