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French drains can be constructed to blend with your landscaping.

Many homeowners in Virginia Beach, Virginia face a conundrum when heavy rains or running water from other areas makes its way onto their property and doesn’t have anywhere to go. Fortunately, there is something that can be done about it!

French Drains in Virginia Beach, Virginia

French drains are an ideal solution for many property owners who want to solve a water drainage problem. If you’ve not heard of French drains before or you want to know when they are best used, here are some simple examples of opportunities to have one installed:

  • Wash Outs – Especially if you have a gravel driveway or dirt road leading to your home, you know that heavy rains can wash away the surface, leaving a muddy mess. You can even get your vehicle stuck if the washout is bad enough! French drains are ideal for gravel and dirt roads because they collect rainwater and redirect it to a safer location to drain.
  • Lawn Puddling – Similarly, if you find that your lawn has big puddles or a river running through it, you may want to figure out a way to stop the water from sticking around. French drains are ideal because they can be constructed to blend with your landscaping while serving as an important drainage route for unwanted water.
  • Wet Basement – Have you noticed that water is coming into your basement, and you haven’t been able to determine a good solution? French drains can be internal or external, so you can have the best solution for your lawn and your home when you have wet basement concerns.
  • Retaining Walls – If you’ve determined that a retaining wall must be built on a hillside on your property, a French drain is the ideal accompanying landscaping tool. French drains ensure that water runoff from the retaining wall continues to be relocated to a safer location away from your lawn and home.

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